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The Soulful Business Accelerator is your sacred temple to drown out the noise and reconnect back to your personal truth and the dharma of your business.

Your Business Has a unique Freqeucny

claim the codes

This is the container the Soul of your business has been begging you for. It's time to throw out every influencer's step-by-step process to 10k months and trust the power of your own frequency.

Because you are a spiritual being first, and your business is a beautiful extension of this essence. 

100% Frequency

Part Mystery School.
Part Business School.

Does This Sound Familiar?

I’m so over the online space…

You spend more time digesting other people’s content rather than creating your own. The internet has become a very noisy place.

You feel disconnected from the SOUL of your business. 

The hours spent looking outside of yourself for confidence and confirmation has left you exhausted and confused.

Burn out has become part of your vocabulary - even though you know something needs to change, you can’t quite put your finger on the solution.

With everything going on in the world, you can’t seem to catch your breath. Who are you supposed to believe? To listen to? You’ve lost touch with your inner wisdom. You want to break through the noise and set yourself free.

Fear of cancel culture keeps you quiet. The desire to “keep the peace” stops you from speaking up online and showing up for your audience.

You compare yourself to every seemingly perfect coach. This comparison trap leaves you in constant “pivot mode” - trying to do what Suzy Q is doing. Making you question your work and your worth.

SUbmit Your application

Passion, Pleasure and Wealth 

sBa is The portal

are your birthright

Attune Your Frequency to Match the Soul of your Business

Invoke your Creative Guides

Embody Your Codes to a Life of Ease, Beauty, and Bliss

Claim your Life

Designed with the spiritual leader in mind - whose intuitive knowing guides their soulful strategy.

If you're looking for a traditional business course, this is NOT for you.

If you're looking for a space to turn the dial of YOUR magic to maximum volume and listen to YOUR inner voice, while calling in clarity, wealth, and ease this is the perfect sacred space for you.

If you’re ready to free yourself from the noise of social media, cultivate deep collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs, call in massive abundance, and get into flow, then it's time to walk through the temple doors of The Soulful Business Accelerator.

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The Soulful Business Accelerator, Creator & Guide

bethany b

Manifesting Generator, Mystic of Frequency, Business & Alchemy

Bethany devotes her time to guiding spiritual women to clean out their energy and attune to their frequency, so they may become the best possible vessel for the soul of their business and mission to come forward in this lifetime.

First and foremost Bethany, understands that you have unique medicine inside you that the world needs. She operates Frequency First - the deep inner work - and supports this with smart business strategy.

We all deserve to live in a world where women are unabashedly themselves and have infinite access to all the resources available from Source.

Can you imagine a world where healers, creators, mystics, and soulful teachers manage the world’s prosperity? Where conscious leaders have the resources to heal our planet and the people in it?

Bethany’s contribution to this vision is in helping soulful women on a mission become wildly successful through first healing themselves, and then alchemizing their healing journey into successful businesses.

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During the time in Bethany’s Soulful Business Accelerator (SBA), there were several areas in which I grew personally and professionally. To start, I gained an expanded understanding of myself and how to share my abilities with others. I also made huge leaps in clarifying my soulmate client and how to creatively speak to her soul to stir her into seeking healing from my services. Additionally, Bethany guided me in uncovering hidden ancestral healing treasures I’d long forgotten about, how to use them as creative expressions to heal and for guidance to envision future movements for growing my business. By the end of Bethany’s SBA program, I created the foundations of a holistic health and wellness coaching business and launched an Instagram page for marketing. If you’re thinking of working with Bethany, I’d say absolutely do the damn thing already! It will be the best investment you make in yourself and for your future. The insights you will gain about yourself are absolutely priceless!

Rachel r. 

Client Love


THANK YOU for creating the Soulful Business Accelerator -- an amazing experience! It was a collaborative deep dive into understanding my personal "why", identifying and attracting the ideal client, and developing a road map to succeed, all with the support of the most inspiring women! This is a program for those looking to become more extraordinary and share their innate superpowers with others. Before, I was full of self-doubt, stuck on how to move forward. Bethany, you helped me to understand and work within my own spirituality, energetics and human design to achieve my goals. This program has given me the confidence to open my dream business! Coaching with Bethany is like getting support from a best friend, business mentor and spiritual guru, all rolled into one amazing goddess! I'm looking forward to continued coaching!

lara l.

Client Love


I came to Bethany with a broken business and a broken heart, scared of taking a step forward. During our time together, she equipped me with the tools to heal and invigorate my soul. She taught me not to settle for “okay” but to pursue what felt amazing instead. In just a few months (in the midst of a global pandemic, I’ll add) I’ve felt renewed joy for life, my career, and experienced tremendous growth in a time when I should have experienced a decrease. I am forever grateful for our time together and look forward to working together again in the future. She is a true gem! 

Christina s.

Client Love

Wealth Embodiment

The Soul of Business

Intuitive Decisiveness

Confidence Codes

Sage Wisdom

Intimate Sister Circle

What’s Included In

the online program

invest in yourself

Weekly Live

Guest mentor

Program Portal

Somatic Movement
& Healing

Led by Bethany. Once a week you’ll meet for a 90 minute ceremony where we will discuss the topic of the week and attune to the power of your own frequency as it applies the spiritual / practical mechanics of running your business.

The experts I trust. The creme de la creme of Spirituality, Leadership, and business. Women who move through life as pillars for their community. Fully embodied in their message.

The online home that houses your live lessons, resources and recordings. The space to connect to your community outside of our calls.

Live Sessions of the  somatic movement, energy healing, and freedom techniques available today. May include and is not limited to: Embody Dance, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, Hypnosis, Yoga, and Meditation. These will be decided intuitively based on the frequency of the group.

the frequency of your business

It’s Time to Amplify

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What We’ll Explore In
Our 10 Weeks Together

Week 1: empress activation

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 2: cleanse

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 3: attuning to the soul of your business

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 4: attuning to your vision

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 5: sacred collaborations

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 6: identifying frequency disruptors

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 7: archetypal initiation

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 8: the soul of sales and marketing

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 9: refinement and mastery

What We’ll Explore In
Our 8 Weeks Together

Week 10: embodied leadership

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The Temple Opens
April 26, 2021

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frequently asked

How long will I have access to The Soulful Business Accelerator?

You will have access to our group coaching sessions for the duration of your 3 month journey. You will have access to all recorded materials for 6 months.


frequently asked

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment will be 3-4 hours a week, depending on the week.

Opening Ceremony will be April 6, 2021.
Closing Ceremony May 25, 2021.


frequently asked

Can I sign up for this class anytime?

SBA begins the week of April 6, 2021. Registration closes on April 2, 2021.


frequently asked

How do you accept payment?

Once you’ve had your interview, been accepted to the program, chosen your payment plan and signed the contract, an invoice will be sent to you via Wave. QUICKBOOKS? which allows you to pay through your bank account and allows you to avoid unnecessary credit card fees. This is true for pay in full and payment plans.


frequently asked

I really want to make this work but I don’t think I can afford it right now!

As a woman who has been on this journey for years, I appreciate how daunting an major investment in yourself can feel. Ask yourself, can you really not afford it or are you afraid to take the leap? The flip side - if you have been hit by tough times due to job loss from quarantine, scholarships are available. There are scholarships for 25% and 50% off. Please only use this option if absolutely necessary. One person will receive a 100% off scholarship. To enter for the full scholarship please send a one page essay to hello@bethanybyogalifestyle.com describing in detail your dedication to your transformation and why you believe you deserve this scholarship.


frequently asked

This isn’t the right time for me but I want to contribute to a scholarship fund!

Sponsoring a participant is a great way to pay it forward. Maybe this isn’t the time for you but you would love to help someone going through hard times be able to embark on this transformational journey. To sponsor or donate to the scholarship fund, email hello@bethanybyogalifestyle.com


frequently asked

What is the refund policy?

Before the program start date you may receive a full refund minus $50 and a $200 restocking fee to cover the cost of claiming your spot. A great deal of effort is spent making sure there is symbiosis within the group. To protect the other participants, once SBA has started you are required to be fully committed to the program and no refunds are available. 


frequently asked

What is your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

The Coach will keep the Client’s information private, and will not share the Client’s information to any third party unless compelled to by law. Any and all materials used with the program are under copyright protection of Bethany Bubenzer International. Unauthorized replication or distribution will be penalized to the fullest extent of the law.